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  • Ashley Baker

Trump Finally Gets the War with Big Tech He’s Always Wanted

"...Curt Levey — president of the Committee for Justice, a nonprofit group promoting limited government and judicial nominations — said that the executive order itself has 'limited teeth' regarding Section 230, since it requests the independent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adjust their interpretations of Section 230.

Still, if the FTC were to take some action at Trump’s request, that would 'surely be challenged' in the courts, he said.

...Levey said Twitter and other companies have faced questions about their fact-checking efforts, and that this order may push them to back off fact-checking more to protect themselves from legal liability.

'The problem here is not going to be the substance of the fact-checking — it’s the decision of who to fact-check,' he said. 'We don’t know what the Section 230 landscape is going to look like years from now. The safest thing to do would be to stop fact-checking. No one is going to sue you for not fact-checking...'"


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