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  • Ashley Baker

Barr Raises Questions Over Whether Online Platforms Should Be Liable for User Content

In The Epoch Times: "...Ashley N. Baker, director of Public Policy at the Committee for Justice, meanwhile warned that any proposed government solutions to the issues with Section 230 “are worse than the problem.”

'Calling for top-down intervention by the government into social media content would give bureaucrats immense control over online speech,' Baker said via email.

'While I understand that there is legitimate concern over how broadly the statute is applied in court, I think that we need to carefully think this through, particularly from the perspectives of government power, platform incentives, and lawsuit abuse.'

Baker, whose focus areas include the Supreme Court, technology, and regulatory policy, said that without the statute, 'platforms would have strong incentives to heavily moderate content.'

'Companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube would be unlikely to face penalties for taking content down, but could face an avalanche of lawsuits for leaving it up,' she said..."


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