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  • Ashley Baker

Event Video: The Texas Heartbeat Act, SCOTUS, and the Future of Abortion Law (from Sept.)

Progressives and the mainstream media denounced the demise of Roe v. Wade and abortion "rights" when the Supreme Court allowed the Texas Heartbeat Act to go into effect, despite the Court making clear that it was not ruling on the constitutionality of the statute. Our panel of legal experts discuss the ruling and the arguments for and against it, including the four dissents, as well as the ruling’s potential implications for the Court’s future abortion decisions. Our experts also discuss the reaction to the Court’s decision, including the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice, and the ruling’s potential impact on other states’ statutes governing abortion and perhaps issues like gun control.


Andrew McCarthy

Senior Fellow at the National Review Institute

Carrie Severino

President of the Judicial Crisis Network

Edward Whelan

Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center

Curt Levey (moderator)

President of the Committee for Justice

Note: Event video from September 2021, originally posted by the Committee for Justice on YouTube.


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