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CFJ Joins Coalition Letter in Support of Ken Cuccinelli

Dear President Trump:

As strong supporters of you and your Make America Great Again agenda, we are writing to express our enthusiastic support for Ken Cuccinelli to be appointed as the next Secretary of Homeland Security.

In this time of national crisis and emergency over national security and immigration, Ken’s background as a no-nonsense law enforcement officer and a major constitutional lawyer, along with his reputation as a fighter, combined with his extensive media experience, including television, make him ideally suited to carry out the duties of the Department of Homeland Security and your immigration agenda.

As a former Attorney General of Virginia, Ken has extensive experience in running a law enforcement government agency, particularly one dealing with high-profile and sensitive legal matters.

In addition, as a state senator and the head of a major conservative political action committee, Ken is well known, liked, and admired by nationally active conservative and Republican activists.

We are nationally active conservative leaders who know Ken personally, or through his public service, have every confidence in his abilities: his tough on crime stance, his solution-oriented approach, his dedication to the rule of law, his love for America, and most importantly, his loyalty to the cause of making America great again.



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