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  • Ashley Baker

House Democrats Ponder Impeaching Trump Again

...“Adam Schiff seems to believe everything Trump does is an abuse of power,” Curt Levey, a constitutional lawyer and president of the Committee for Justice, told The Daily Signal.

“Democrats will be smart enough not to impeach him again for the same charge,” Levey said. “But if we take Schiff at his word—which might be a mistake—even if it was a legitimate acquittal, if he thinks the Senate trial was a sham that would give Democrats even more standing in their minds to impeach again.”

...“Politically and practically it might be tough, but where is this starting from? It’s not from a specific act,” Levey said. “It started with a pretext that ‘This is a dangerous man and a criminal and we have to find a reason for impeachment.’”

...Because the Democrats’ base has called the Senate trial a “sham,” Levey said, another House impeachment in 2020 is quite plausible.

A second-term impeachment is “almost inevitable” Levey added.

...Levey said that it’s highly unusual for courts to be involved in impeachment proceedings. However, in extreme circumstances, legal and constitutional grounds might exist, he said.

“This would be an extreme example, but if the House began sending articles of impeachment to force a Senate trial once per month, at some point courts would say this is unreasonable,” Levey said. “This would be unreasonable abuse, and tying up the executive branch. It could interfere with separation of powers.”


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