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  • Ashley Baker

H.R. 1, Election Fraud, and the Future of Voting

At a time when half of Americans believe that there were substantial voting irregularities in November's election, Democrats in the House have passed H.R. 1, a bill they say would protect voting rights but critics say would make it harder for states to determine voter eligibility and otherwise ensure election integrity. The bill contains a veritable wish list of progressives' election-related "reforms," also including felon voting, redistricting commissions, public financing of Congressional campaigns, and expanded regulation of political speech. Our panel of election law experts discuss H.R. 1, its potential impact, possible alternatives, and what changes we're likely to see in future elections.


Bradley Smith

Chairman and Founder of the Institute for Free Speech

Hans von Spakovsky

Manager of the Election Law Reform Initiative at the Heritage Foundation

Jason Snead

Executive Director of the Honest Elections Project

Curt Levey (moderator)

President of the Committee for Justice


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