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  • Ashley Baker

Upcoming Teleforum on Trade Secrets Litigation: Do Damages Awarded in Texas Case Have Broader Ramifi

There is an enormous amount of money at stake in trade secrets litigation.

Teleforum Sponsored by the Federalist Society Litigation Practice Group

Tuesday, December 17 , 2019

3:00 p.m. EST

Intellectual property (IP) theft has taken an increasingly prominent place in the news as Huawei, foreign governments, and tech employees have been accused or charged with stealing trade secrets. Trade secrets misappropriation lawsuits are on the rise and there is an enormous amount of money at stake in such litigation.

Last year, one of the biggest trade secret cases and largest punitive damages awards in American history underscored these concerns. In Title Source, Inc. v. HouseCanary, Inc (which is currently on appeal), a Texas jury awarded more than $700 million in compensatory and punitive damages to a real estate valuation startup. The problem is none of the plaintiff’s claims about stolen trade secrets hold up to even a modest amount of scrutiny. Add an astronomical judgment that bears no relationship to economic reality and you have an injustice that cries out for overturning.

This case should be watched closely, as it has the potential to spur an avalanche of expansive trade secrets claims and could have other widespread ramifications.


Curt Levey, President, Committee for Justice. (Levey built computer models much like those at issue here before attending law school.)

Ashley Baker, Director of Public Policy, Committee for Justice.

Teleforum Instructions:

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