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  • Ashley Baker

SXSW Panel: Conflicting Visions: The Debate on Net Neutrality

The highest-profile issue in FCC history has been the Net Neutrality debate. After the 2015 approval of Net Neutrality rules, upheld in 2016 by the US Appellate Court, many thought the battle was over. But in June 2017, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced his intention to roll back these protections, reigniting the debate all over again. We’re bringing together leaders from both sides to discuss why each side believes what it does and how the outcome will affect how we use the Internet every day.

Date: Friday, March 9th, 20181

Time: 2:30-1:30pm

Location: Hilton Austin Downtown


Curt Levey, The Committee for Justice

Gigi Sohn, Mozilla/Georgetown Law/Open Society Foundations

Maura Corbett, Glen Echo Group


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