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  • Ashley Baker

2018 Year in Review

The Committee for Justice was very busy in 2018. In the last year, we advocated for a clear framework for accessing data abroad, worked to dispel the myth of Russian social media ads and election interference, applauded Supreme Court rulings on privacy and religious liberty, weighed in on how to regulate new technologies, and – last but not least – helped lead the long and brutal fight to #ConfirmKavanaugh.

2018 was also one of our most prolific years. Below you will find a list of some of our work on these key issues and more.

Kavanaugh Confirmation

The Kavanaugh confirmation's biggest lessons

Fox News

I’m one of many women who want Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – And it's not why you think

Fox News

Kavanaugh’s administrative law opinions should be given due deference

The Hill

Kavanaugh Confirmation: Four ways Democrats' plan to derail nomination could backfire

Fox News

Kavanaugh’s Administrative Law Opinions: Agencies should approach major issues with restraint

Inside Sources

Replacing Kennedy on the Supreme Court will set off political warfare

Fox News

Accommodate Kavanaugh accuser but don't allow delay for delay's sake

CFJ Blog

Kavanaugh hearings will shine light on his judicial philosophy, for those willing to listen

CFJ Blog

Judge Kavanaugh will follow the law as written

CFJ Blog

In support of the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

CFJ letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee


Gorsuch's dissent in Carpenter has implications for the future of privacy

The Hill

Supreme Court ruling in cell phone case is a victory for privacy rights

Fox News

Is the Supreme Court set to establish major precedent in email privacy?

The Hill

Your email privacy will get a boost thanks to the omnibus spending bill (and that's a good thing)

Fox News

In support of the Clarifying Lawful Use of Data (CLOUD) Act

Coalition letter to Congressional leaders led by CFJ

Ruling for U.S. in Microsoft case would impair global law enforcement

CFJ Blog

SCOTUS Dismisses US v. Microsoft: Courts lack policy expertise, democratic mandate to update the Stored Communications Act

CFJ Blog

To divine what Congress would have wanted is to legislate from the bench

CFJ Blog

Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century: Consumer Privacy

Comments filed with the FTC

Developing the Administration’s Approach to Consumer Privacy

Comments filed with the NTIA

Are the Chinese and Russians listening to your phone calls?

The Hill

Facebook, Transparency, and Use of Consumer Data

CFJ letter to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce

The Cambridge Analytica incident must be put in perspective

CFJ Blog

Social media privacy and the use and abuse of consumer data

CFJ letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Fourth Circuit rules suspicion is needed to search electronic devices seized at the border

CFJ Blog

Free Speech

Why should we fear Russian political ads?

The Wall Street Journal

Who's afraid of democracy?

The Daily Caller

The Internet and the First Amendment make a great team

Comments filed with the FEC

Religious liberty gets boost from Gorsuch in Masterpiece Cakeshop

CFJ Blog

CFJ urges NAFTA negotiators to protect online free speech

CFJ Blog

Amicus Brief: Klein v. Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

Brief for the Cato Institute and the Committee for Justice

Regulation & Innovation

Google isn't to blame for anti-conservative bias

The Daily Caller

Closing in on massive worldwide copyright infringement


No, Facebook is not a monopoly

CFJ Blog

Conflicting Visions: The Debate on Net Neutrality

Panel at SXSW

In support of repealing the ban on civil supersonic flight

Letter to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Other Issues

Supreme Court’s travel ban decision sends a clear message to lower federal court judges

Fox News

'Habitual drunkards' and the line between status and action — Part I

CFJ Blog

'Habitual drunkards' and the line between status and action — Part II

CFJ Blog

False outrage as Senators give the blue slip — and history — the slip

CFJ Blog

Race-based discrimination in higher education admissions

Council of Korean Americans Podcast

CFJ in the News

In 2018, CFJ appeared in more than 100 national publications including The NY Times, The WSJ, Washington Post, Politico, The Associated Press, Newsweek, Bloomberg, The Drudge Report, TIME, U.S. News, The Guardian, USA Today, Fox News, Communications Daily, The Weekly Standard, Huffington Post, The Hill, Chronicle of Higher Education, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, SCOTUSblog, Daily Caller, RealClearPolitics,, Inside Sources, Law360, Forbes, ABC News, Washington Times, Jurist, The Daily Signal, Reason, PJ Media, The Nation, WAMU Radio, Washington Examiner, OneNewsNow, The Week, American Family Radio, California Political Review, Townhall, The Epoch Times, Milwaukee Courier, Washington Internet Daily, Harvard Political Review, RealClearPolicy, Sydney Morning Herald, Amsterdam News, and more.


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