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  • Ashley N. Baker

2019: The Year in Review

Last year, the Committee for Justice continued to play an influential role in holding judges and politicians accountable to the constitution. We worked to reclaim the judiciary from activist judges, confront the unaccountable administrative state, and oppose calls to restructure the Supreme Court.

It was a monumental year for judicial confirmations, as the Senate confirmed 102 judges. In their quest to defeat these exceptionally qualified nominees, Democrats scraped the bottom of the barrel. We fought to confirm key judicial nominees such as Neomi Rao, Steven Menashi, Thomas Farr, Sarah Pitlyk, Lawrence VanDyke, and others.

Regulation was another key issue last year. The Committee for Justice worked to oppose regulatory overreach, preserve the separation of powers, and defend the principles of constitutionally limited government. In the debate over how to regulate new technologies, we advocated against the expansion of the administrative state, warned against the use of antitrust law as a political weapon, and opposed policies that would undermine free speech.

Here is a snapshot of what we achieved throughout the year:

  • CFJ published more than 30 written publications including op-eds, papers, blog posts, letters to the editor. Our commentary was published in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, The Boston Globe, USA Today, The Hill, The Washington Examiner, and elsewhere.

  • We filed three comments with regulatory agencies and two amicus briefs in the Supreme Court. We also continued our outreach and advocacy efforts with numerous letters for the record in Congressional committee hearings, speeches on the Supreme Court and judicial nominations, and panels on topics such as data privacy and antitrust.

  • Our work and interviews with our experts were mentioned more than 100 times in the media, appearing in over 50 publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Politico, The Associated Press, Newsweek, Bloomberg, The Drudge Report, U.S. News, The Guardian, USA Today, Fox News, Communications Daily, Chronicle of Higher Education, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, SCOTUSblog, Daily Caller, RealClearPolitics,, Inside Sources, Washington Times, The Daily Signal, Washington Examiner, and others.

We also encourage you to follow the Committee for Justice on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or make a tax-deductible donation. We have big plans for 2020. Your support will help us sustain our work and expand our impact in the new year.

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Highlights of our 2019 achievements can be found here.


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