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Leaked Audio Reveals Zuckerberg Spinning Hard


"...It seems Zuckerberg was attempting to boost company morale in light of a the recent 'techlash' coming from both political parties, suggested Ashley Baker, director of public policy for The Committee for Justice.

The company suffered a massive defeat after months of negotiations with a politically motivated FTC, she said. Further, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have been leveraging the outrage over 'big tech' in their campaigns.

These are not nuanced legal or policy arguments. Still, Zuckerberg made an important point about the rule of law, Baker noted.

'Antitrust law is not a tool to use against companies we don't like, and that seems to be one of Zuckerberg's key points,' she said. 'One of the major differences between U.S. antitrust law and that of the EU is that it is based on the notion of consumer harm. Our laws have ultimately benefited consumers. There is a reason there are no big tech companies in Europe...'

...Advertisers should not worry about significant changes in the way Facebook utilizes the platforms, according to Baker.

Congress' influence over changes to content moderation policies, and antitrust concerns affecting other companies in the digital advertising market, are far more relevant than threats coming from the likes of Elizabeth Warren, she said.

'After all, she once promised to break up big banks, too,' Baker recalled..."


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