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  • Sevda Mirali

Townhall: The Left's Theory of Who Leaked Dobbs Decision Is Certainly Something

Curt Levey, the president of the Committee for Justice, noted in a statement that the "failure of the Supreme Court’s report to shed any light on the identity of the leaker is the worst possible outcome of the Court’s investigation," warning that the absence of any punishment or even consequences for the leaker makes it more likely that this 'grave assault on the judicial process'—as the Justices’ statement calls it—will be repeated, further damaging the Court's integrity and cohesion."

Not surprisingly, people jumped to their own conclusions about who the leaker could be, with some unhinged folks claiming it was a conservative.

"It is unfortunate that many voices on the Left have seized upon the failure to identify the leaker as an opportunity to push a theory that the Court is trying to cover up the supposed fact that the leaker was a conservative clerk or justice. These critics cite no evidence and ignore both that yesterday’s statement came from the entire Court and the common sense observation that the leaker was likely angry about the draft Dobbs opinion overturning Roe v. Wade," pointed out about such a theory.


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