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  • Ashley Baker

Split Vote to Advance Bedoya Nomination Underscores GOP’s Disapproval of Federal Trade Commission

The Committee for Justice released the following statement by its director of public policy, Ashley Baker, on the Senate’s tie vote today broken by the Vice President to advance the nomination of Alvaro Bedoya to the Federal Trade Commission:

The Senate's 50-50 vote, along party lines, to advance President Biden’s nomination of Alvaro Bedoya to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says less about Senate Republicans' views on Bedoya as a nominee than it does about their view of the FTC. The vote stands in stark contrast to the 69-28 confirmation of Lina Khan as an FTC Commissioner less than a year ago and officially indicates a consensus among Republican Senators that they are wary of the Commission’s agenda and ability to overreach.

They have good reason to be wary. Under President Biden and Chair Khan, the FTC has spent much of its time attempting to implement a far-left agenda by knocking down procedural guardrails, issuing a strategic plan to promote values such as "racial equity”, introducing unrelated issues such as climate risk into merger review, and undermining constitutional due proce