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Media Roundup

Recently, the Committee for Justice was featured in The Guardian, USA Today, Fox News, RealClearPolitics, The Hill, The Sydney Morning Herald, Newsmax, California Political Review, SCOTUSblog, and elsewhere.

Links and quotes can be found below:

Interviews & Media Mentions

USA Today: "If Democrats win the Senate, they will scream bloody murder about the legitimacy of confirmation by a lame-duck Congress," Curt Levey, president of the conservative Committee for Justice, told Fox News. "But they also screamed bloody murder about the legitimacy of denying Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland a hearing, and look how far that got them...”

The Guardian: Conservatives, however, disagree that the court faces a crisis of legitimacy. Curt Levey, president of the rightwing advocacy group the Committee for Justice, said: “I’ve thought up until this point the supreme court was a little to the left of the American people on many issues: abortion, gay marriage, the death penalty, immigration."

"I suppose if the supreme court was to vote to make abortion illegal, it would be to the right of the American people, but that’s not going to happen. Even if it overturned Roe v Wade, it would mean more freedom for the states rather than an outright ban. Most people I know want some sort of compromise on abortion..."

The Sydney Morning Herald: “This has united conservatives in a way nothing else has since Trump won the presidential nomination,” says Curt Levey, president of the Committee for Justice, a group that supports conservative judicial appointments.

Levey, who says he has been surprised by the response to Kavanaugh's battle, says: “Even conservatives who dislike Trump feel very strongly about this; it is bringing conservatives home.”

...Asked why the issue has aroused such passions on the right, the Committee for Justice's Levey says: “People see this as politically-motivated and unfair. If a 36-year-old uncorroborated claim can bring Kavanaugh down, this could happen to anyone. It shows how far Democrats are willing to go in the politics of personal destruction.”

Levey points to comments this week by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman who has become one of the nation’s most prominent Trump critics...

California Political Review: “Rapid technological change inevitably outpaces the glacial evolution of the law and the Carpenter case is a perfect example,” writes legal commentator Curt Levey. “The location data in question was obtained under the Stored Communications Act (SCA), which did not require prosecutors to meet the “probable cause” standard of a warrant...”

Newsmax: Curt Levey, president of the pro-constitutionalist Committee for Justice think tank, stated to Newsmax by email Thursday afternoon: “Senate Democrats' exploitation of what is a personal tragedy for Dr. Ford, Kavanaugh, and his family to raise millions in campaign cash tells you all you need to know about their motivation for unleashing these last-minute allegations against Kavanaugh.

“Their motivation has little to do with concern about the victims of sexual assault -- just look at Democrats' lack of concern about the charges against Keith Ellison -- and everything to do with the approaching election...”

The Hill: Gray said a lot has changed since Clarance Thomas’ confirmation hearings 27 years ago. He founded The Committee for Justice, which is a nonprofit group that is a voice for conservative judicial appointments...

SCOTUSblog: Commentary comes from Curt Levey in an op-ed for Fox News, the editorial board of The New York Times, the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal, and the editorial board of The Washington Post...


Fox News: On September 27, Committee for Justice director of public policy Ashley Baker published an op-ed entitled "I’m one of many women who still want Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – And it's not why you think."

(Note: This op-ed also appeared in RealClearPolitics.)

Fox News: On October 10, Committee for Justice president Curt Levey published an op-ed entitled "The Kavanaugh confirmation's biggest lessons."

Fox News: On September 17, Committee for Justice president Curt Levey published an op-ed entitled "Kavanaugh confirmation: Four ways Democrats' plan to derail nomination could backfire."

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