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  • Ashley Baker

Virtual Panel Discussion: Confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson: Her Record & a Look Ahead

With his selection of Ketanji Brown Jackson last month, President Biden made good on his promise to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court. Judge Jackson’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee provides a great time to look at her record, assess how the confirmation process is going so far, discuss what should and likely will happen at her hearing, and compare it all to previous Supreme Court confirmation battles.

Our panel of Supreme Court experts also look at the implications of this battle for the election this November and the Biden presidency.



John Malcolm

Vice President of the Heritage Foundation's Institute for Constitutional Government


Dan McLaughlin

Senior Writer at National Review Online


Clark Neily

Senior Vice President for Legal Studies at the Cato Institute


Curt Levey (moderator)

President of the Committee for Justice


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