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  • Ashley Baker

Media Roundup

Recently, the Committee for Justice was featured in Communications Daily, USA Today, The Washington Times, Townhall, The Daily Signal, and elsewhere.

Links and quotes can be found below:

Interviews & Media Mentions

Communications Daily: The Committee for Justice warned that recent privacy proposals modeled after the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation would make the U.S. more like Europe -- where the digital economy has seen the repercussions of a strict regulatory regime -- but won’t protect consumers. Data protection policies also can deter “venture capital investments and strangle U.S.-based tech start-ups,” it said...

USA Today: About 60 of the nation's 150-plus active appeals court judges are eligible for retirement or senior status, including half of those named by Democratic presidents. All five Democratic nominees on the GOP-dominated 6th Circuit appeals court are at least 65 years old. On the Democrat-dominated 9th Circuit appeals court based in California, nine of the 16 Democratic appointees could retire.That isn't likely to happen any time soon.

Curt Levey, president of the conservative Committee for Justice, says the Obama and Clinton judges "seem to be part of the resistance."While Trump is president, Levey says, they may have an "even stronger temptation" to stay on as active judges...

The Daily Signal: "There aren’t many other ways to make their mark. They can’t pass legislation, so it’s hard to imagine they’re not focused on investigations,” Curt Levey, president of the Committee for Justice, a conservative legal group, told The Daily Signal. “They will likely frame it as holding the administration accountable, but their base will demand nothing short of impeachment.”

...The conclusion of the Mueller probe likely won’t make a difference in what the House does, said Levey, head of the Committee for Justice. Levey said he suspects the report will conclude no direct evidence of collusion, but will find points on which to criticize the Trump campaign.

“The Mueller report will still be used as a justifiable starting point for impeachment, it won’t limit them,” Levey told The Daily Signal, referring to Democrats. “Even if the report finds no direct evidence, this has gone on for two years without a lot of evidence...”

The Washington Times: President George W. Bush halted that practice in 2001, President Barack Obama reinstated it, and Mr. Trump has once again ditched it, drawing praise from conservatives who say the ABA’s liberal leanings are too deep to ignore.

“The role of the courts has been seen as more and more political,” said Curt Levey, president of the Committee for Justice. “As soon as it was clear that the selection of judges involved a lot of ideology, it became unacceptable [that] the ABA, which is very liberal, should play such a prominent role...”

The Epoch Times: Curt Levey, president of the Committee for Justice, which advocates for constitutionally limited government, acknowledged in an interview with The Epoch Times that the “blue slip” has changed over the years.

Blue slips used to carry the weight of a veto over nominations in the past, depending on who chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time, he said.

Current Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley’s (R-Iowa) position is that the lack of a positive blue slip won’t prevent a Circuit nominee from advancing, if the administration has consulted with the home-state senators, Levey explained.

“There should be some consultation with the home-state senators, but the president doesn’t have to listen to what they say,” he added....

“The thinking among conservatives is that if we cannot have a conservative majority on the Ninth Circuit, then, at the very least, let’s not subject the conservative states in that circuit to the liberal majority,” Levey said...

Life News: Curt Levey, president of the Committee for Justice, agreed that judicial nominations have become much more about political “ideology” in recent years. Some lawmakers said they do not consider the ABA’s ratings as heavily nowadays because of its political leanings…

Media Research Center: “CNN's lawsuit highlights the facts that the mainstream news media, during the Trump presidency, has consistently confused freedom of the press with the right to be free from the consequences of biased reporting and unprofessional conduct like that of Jim Acosta. The First Amendment no more protects reporters from criticism than it protects government officials from criticism by the press. And it certainly does not guarantee any reporter or news organizations one of the very limited places at White House press conferences. If it did, thousands of reporters would follow CNN to court and demands their spots. The Trump administration would be well within its rights to hand out those spots so as to ensure more of an ideological balance at White House press conferences. That it has not done so demonstrates the degree to which this administration has bent over backward to accommodate the mainstream news media despite its open hostility…”


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