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  • Ashley Baker

Video: Court Packing and Reforms: Proposals & Prospects


Court packing, term limits, and other proposals for Supreme Court and lower court reform are being hotly debated after the November elections resulted in Democratic control of Congress and the presidency. Though motivated by Democrats' anger at the Senate's handling of the Merrick Garland nomination and the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett shortly before the election, these proposals would have profound legal and political consequences far into the future. Our panel of legal experts discuss these proposals, their potential impact, and their prospects for enactment.


Joshua Braver

Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School

Thomas Jipping

Deputy Director of the Heritage Foundation's Edwin Meese III Center for Legal & Judicial Studies

Ilya Somin

Professor of Law at George Mason University

Curt Levey (moderator)

President of the Committee for Justice


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