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Clarence Thomas: Scary Guy from the Right or Big-Hearted Believer?

CBN News had a great write-up of our virtual panel, "Clarence Thomas: His Life and Jurisprudence"

"...Severino, former Thomas law clerk Erik Jaffe and author Ralph Rossum shared their memories and thoughts about the justice in a Committee for Justice webinar.

Rossum studied the justice intensely preparing his book Understanding Clarence Thomas: The Jurisprudence of Constitutional Restoration. Rossum said of those days around Hill coming forward, 'I think Thomas' deep faith saw him through this period.'

'Fellow parishioners would come over and they would have prayer sessions, to help support Thomas during that time," he continued. "His faith and his wife's faith I think ensured that he came through this with less permanent damage than would probably be the case for most of us.'

Some assume, though, that the experience probably left Thomas a bitter, unhappy justice. Former Thomas clerk Erik Jaffe said, 'You see these photos of him scowling, looking down, and 'Oh my God, this evil person from the Right who's going to take away your life!'..."