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  • Ashley Baker

Event Video: The Supreme Court's Title VII Decision: Textualism or Judicial Activism?

Virtual Panel Discussion:

This week, the Supreme Court interpreted Title VII's prohibition against sex discrimination in employment to encompass discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity. The majority opinion in Bostock v. Clayton County, authored by Justice Neil Gorsuch, relied heavily on the text of the 1964 statute. Too heavily – to the exclusion of legislative intent – some critics say. Our panel of Supreme Court and civil rights experts will discuss whether the Court's opinion was a work of principled textualism or an example of judicial activism.


Edward Whelan

President, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Curt Levey

President, The Committee for Justice

Alison Somin

Legal Fellow, Pacific Legal Foundation*


Ashley Baker

Director of Public Policy, The Committee for Justice

*Note: Ms. Somin is speaking in a personal capacity and not for PLF as an organization.


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