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  • Ashley Baker

COVID-19 Liability Shields: Shaping our Legal System to Withstand Pandemic Lawsuits [Event Video]

As businesses and schools open after months of state-imposed lockdowns, the COVID-19 relief bill in Congress contains a proposal to provide a liability shield to institutions who follow federal guidelines but still find themselves the target of lawsuits. Meanwhile, state legislatures are considering separate proposals. Our panel of experts discuss the post-COVID-19 litigation landscape, the feasibility of liability shields, and what they could mean for businesses, entrepreneurs, school administrators, and consumers who are easing back into life as the nation recovers from the economic slow-down.


Victor Schwartz

Co-Chair, Public Policy Practice Group, Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Karen Harned

Executive Director, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Small Business Legal Center

Yaël Ossowski

Deputy Director, The Consumer Choice Center Ashley Baker (moderator) Director of Public Policy, The Committee for Justice


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