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  • Ashley Baker

Justice Gorsuch makes conservative mark in 4 Supreme Court cases

The Supreme Court’s newest justice, Neil Gorsuch, made his mark Monday in cases on President Trump’s travel ban, California’s gun law, lesbian parents and a religious school’s use of taxpayer funds.

To the surprise of no one — undoubtedly including Trump, who appointed him — it was a clear mark to the right.

His opinions aligned him with Justice Clarence Thomas, the court’s most conservative member, and appeared to vindicate conservative organizations’ recommendation of Gorsuch to Trump as a worthy successor to Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February 2016.

The four cases showed Gorsuch to be “an unabashed defender of constitutionalism,” said Curt Levey, president of the conservative Committee for Justice. He said Gorsuch’s opinions also provided encouraging evidence of “what the president can be counted on to do as more high court vacancies occur...”

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