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  • Ashley Baker

Trump's 10 conservative judge nominees sure to please...

Curt Levey, who serves as a constitutional law attorney with the Committee for Justice and Freedom Works, pointed out that in the past, presidents have too frequently picked nominees for political reasons.

“But Trump picked some of the most qualified people for these 10 spots, and just as importantly, he picked people who will be conservative jurists – people who will respect the Constitution's limits on federal power,” Levey stressed. “It's protection of individual rights, and probably most importantly, they won't be judicial activists.”

Some of the highly qualified conservative nominees on Trump’s list include: Justice Joan Larsen of the Michigan Supreme Court – for the Sixth Circuit; attorney John K. Bash – also for the Sixth Circuit; professor Amy Coney Barrett of Notre Dame Law School – for the Seventh Circuit; Justice David Stras of the Minnesota Supreme Court – for the Eighth Circuit and; former Alabama Solicitor General Kevin Newsom – for the Eleventh Circuit.

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