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  • Ashley Baker

Biden SCOTUS reform panel also mulls ‘dysfunctional’ confirmation process

Politico: "Curt Levey, a prominent advocate for Republican Supreme Court nominees, said he thought the power McConnell used to halt the Garland nomination would be worth trading for a guarantee that future nominees won’t be bottled up.

'I hope something is done, because I think we’re heading towards the point where it will be almost impossible to confirm someone when the Senate and presidency are controlled by different parties,' Levey said. 'That could be something some Republicans and some Democrats want, but I think it is not a good thing for the country.'

Levey, president of the Committee for Justice, conceded that it wasn’t really possible to lock in rules that a future Congress could not change. But he said an agreement on the process might prove difficult to dispose of in the heat of a future nomination.

Many of the proposals also include a delayed implementation to 2025 or later, meaning lawmakers and their staff wouldn’t know whether they or the opposition would be in charge in the Senate or in the White House when they kicked in.

'Part of the game has been delaying nominees for a variety of reasons, but nobody says that has to continue,” Levey said. “I’ve long been in favor of some sort of timetable to assure you get through the entire confirmation process. You may be defeated, but at least you’d get a vote, at least it incentivizes things in that direction.'"


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