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  • Ashley Baker

The Legal Fight Over Voting Rights During The Pandemic Is Getting Hotter

In NPR: The legal fight over how Americans will vote this year is rapidly turning into a war.

That's according to conservative "election integrity" advocates who accuse Democrats of using the current pandemic to push through changes that these groups say will undermine U.S. elections.

"We are watching as the Democrats and radicalized special interest groups are using this fog of COVID to fundamentally remake American elections," said Catherine Engelbrecht, the president of True the Vote, a group that says it is trying to protect against voter fraud. She spoke on Thursday during a webinar sponsored by a conservative nonprofit, the Committee for Justice.

...Still, True the Vote's attorney, James Bopp Jr., who also spoke on the [Committee for Justice] webinar, said that getting rid of protections against fraud is the Democrats' "game plan." He said it is part of a decades-long scheme by Democrats to weaken the electoral process by fighting efforts to remove inactive voters from registration rolls and to impose strict photo ID requirements...


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