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In the News This Week: Kavanaugh and Russian Interference

"Brett Kavanaugh is starting what could be decades on the bench with a sense of caution that has put him at odds with his fellow conservatives," wrote USA TODAY Supreme Court reporter Richard Wolf this week, explaining that:

"Although the matters [at issue] were largely procedural, the cases touched on some of the biggest issues the high court faces: abortion, immigration and the environment. In each case, Gorsuch sided with the court's conservative wing, while Kavanaugh … stuck by Chief Justice John Roberts. … The most prominent difference between the two Trump-appointed justices came last week, when the court let stand lower court rulings that allowed Planned Parenthood patients to contest laws in Louisiana and Kansas that stripped the group's Medicaid funds."

Is it too soon to draw conclusions?

"'There's a pattern here that you can't ignore,' said Curt Levey, president of the conservative Committee for Justice. 'It corresponds with our prediction for Kavanaugh, which is that he would be more like Roberts.' The sample size is too small for conclusions, but there are reasons to believe the differences may repeat themselves as the months and years pass."

Russian Interference

On Monday, a