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  • The Guardian

How Trump reshaped the fifth circuit to become the ‘most extreme’ US court

The Guardian: "Conservatives, however, reject the premise that Trump warped the lower courts so they no longer represent the will of the people on reproductive rights and other issues. Curt Levey, president of the advocacy group the Committee for Justice, said: 'Polling indicates that something like 70, 75% basically think that there should be some protection of abortion but that it shouldn’t be abortion on demand – a moderate position which hasn’t been able to be enacted because of Roe v Wade.'

'Depending on what the supreme court rules, it and the fifth circuit might very well be right in the middle of American public opinion. I could name a bunch of issues like that so I don’t know that I buy that the fifth circuit is any more out of step with the American people than some of the more liberal circuits. The circuits tend to reflect America because it’s a number of presidents, going back to Reagan, who have appointed the judges.'"


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