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  • Ashley Baker

Conservatives Support the Nomination of Eugene Scalia to Secretary of Labor

United States Department of Labor

Conservatives are proud to support the nomination of Eugene Scalia to the position of Secretary of Labor.

Scalia has a long and accomplished career with excellent credentials to not only handle the role, but to execute it well.

He has previously served as solicitor of the Labor Department under President George W. Bush, as well as staffing the Labor Department of George H.W. Bush. Scalia also has experience at the Department of Education and the Department of Justice.

His numerous accolades include Litigation Labor and Employment Lawyer of the Year by the Best Lawyers in America group in 2015. Law 360 named him an “Employment MVP” that same year.

Scalia is probably best known for his extensive work to reduce the regulatory burdens and red tape that bedevil individual Americans and American companies. His deep knowledge of the regulations, employment law, and the Department of Labor itself equip him to be an excellent Labor Secretary who could serve a foundational role in implementing President Trump’s agenda.

Facilitating a manageable regulatory environment for business and a fair climate for workers is critical to sustaining the record economic growth that has occurred under this president. Eugene Scalia has the skill set and the track record necessary to fill this role, and he has our unreserved support.


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