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  • Ashley Baker

Trump, Biden, and Judges: Past, Present & Future [Event Video]

Judicial appointments promise to be a key issue in this fall's presidential and Senate elections. Our panel of legal experts will examine the likely impact of a Trump or Biden victory, as well as control of the Senate, on the Supreme Court and lower federal courts. They will look at hsow the judges isue will impact the election. They'll discuss what President Trump's record of judicial appointments tells us about a second term. Similarly, what do Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris's records tell us about the kind of judicial nominees we'd see in a Biden Administration? And will Democrats attempt to pack the Supreme Court if they control Congress and the presidency?


Mike Davis

Founder & President of the Article III Project

Michael Thielen

Executive Director of the Republican National Lawyers Association

Edward Whelan

President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center

Curt Levey (moderator)

President of the Committee for Justice

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