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January 9, 2006

From the White House, corrections to inaccurate statements made yesterday on the Sunday shows. Expect to hear them repeated this week.

Senator Schumer:
On Meet the Press, Senator Schumer attacked Judge Samuel Alito at length, identifying a number of elements he saw in Judge Alito’s record he finds troubling. Senator Schumer made the following inaccurate statements:

“[Alito] was one of the very few justices [sic] to say that the federal government can't regulate machine guns [The] Federal Government has regulated machine guns since the days of John Dillinger.”

The fact is that Judge Alito has never said that Congress cannot regulate machine guns. In fact, in his dissent in the Rybar case, Judge Alito actually said explicitly t...

January 9, 2006

RNC's response to Sen. Kennedy's (D-MA) opening statement.

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA):

“And In His Writings And Speeches, He Has Supported Level Of Overreaching Presidential Power That Frankly Most Americans Find Disturbing And Even Frightening. In Fact, Is Extraordinary That Each Of The Three Individuals This President Has Nominated For The Supreme Court -- Chief Justice Roberts, Harriet Miers, And Now Judge Alito, Has Served Not Only As A Lawyer For The Executive Branch But Has Defended The Most Expansive View Of Presidential Authority.” (Sen. Ted Kennedy, Committee On The Judiciary, Hearings On The Nomination Of Samuel Alito Jr. To Supreme Court, 1/9/06)

The Facts:

As A Federal Judge, Judge Alito Has Consistently Approached Cases Based On...

November 17, 2005


1275 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Tenth Floor

Washington , DC 20004

For Immediate Release:

November 17, 2005

Contact: Sean Rushton

(202) 481-6853

**Media Briefing: Today**

CFJ to Discuss New Alito Report with Reporters

**Conference Call with Reporters Thursday at 2:30 PM**

WASHINGTON, DC -- the Committee for Justice (CFJ), which defends and promotes constitutionalist nominees to the federal courts, today announced release of its latest report, “Judge Alito’s Record: Restraint, Commitment to Precedent, Faithful Application of the Law.”  The report rebuts liberal criticism of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

To discuss the report and highlight key cases, CFJ will hold a media briefing via conference call for...

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