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January 29, 2009

Goodbye Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich.

After a four-day trial, the Illinois Senate voted 59-0 to convict him of abuse of power, automatically ousting the second-term Democrat. In a second, identical vote, lawmakers further barred Blagojevich from ever holding public office in the state again.

Mr. Blagojevich responded that such an action was "un-American" because, "You haven't proved a crime, and you can't because it didn't happen ... How can you throw a governor out of office with insufficient and incomplete evidence?" Whether or not it can be proven that he broke the criminal code of Illinois or any Federal anti-corruption laws will be up to the respective state and federal tribunals in legal proceedings to come. But evidence of several...

July 14, 2008

The oral testimony and written statement of expert witness Denis Steven Rutkus, a federal judiciary specialist for the Congressional Research Service (CRS), confirmed Senator Specter's suspicions today regarding the so-called "Thurmond Rule" at the Senate Republicans Committee hearing. (Transcript available here).

The phrase was coined after the late Senator Strom Thurmond for his role in supposedly encouraging presidential candidate Ronald Reagan and Senate Republicans to stall on President Carter's remaining judicial nominees in the election year of 1980. However, as the CRS report points out, the "The Judiciary Committee continued to hold hearings and report judicial nominations during August and September ... The Senate in turn, i...

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