ObamaCare’s Survival Turns on Theory of Interpretation


Following the potentially existential legal blow to ObamaCare last week in the D.C. Circuit, ObamaCare supporters have taken solace in the conventional wisdom that the full court – consisting of 7 Democrat-appointed judges and just 4 Republicans – will agree to hear the case and rule for the Administration. In an article at Breitbart.com, Committee for Justice president Curt Levey writes that:

Hobby Lobby Impacts Culture War & Obama Overreach


The impact of today's Hobby Lobby decision will be felt not just in the legal world, but in the political and cultural arenas as well, where religious liberty has come under increasing attack in the last few years when it stands in the way of progressive social causes, including same-sex marriage. The decision is also a legal setback for Obama’s proclaimed strategy of focusing on aggressive, unilateral executive branch actions – rather than working with Congress.

Win for Campaign Speech & Pro-Life Group at SCOTUS Today


Pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBAL) scored a victory at the Supreme Court today in a case that arose when SBAL announced plans to put up billboards criticizing Congressman Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio), for his vote on “taxpayer-funded abortion” (ObamaCare), during his 2010 reelection campaign. Driehaus filed a complaint under an Ohio law making it a crime to “make a false statement concerning the voting record of a candidate or public official” during a campaign.